Revised OpenFlow Library  v0.6.0dev
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\Revised OpenFlow Library Common Part
 oA brief introduction how to use rofl-common
 |\A simple controller application: ethswctld
 \rofl-common for developers
  oI/O subsystem
  oBSD sockets
  oRuntime errors
  oOpenFlow structures and concepts in rofl-common
  |oC++ classes representing various C structures in OpenFlow
  |oC++ classes representing OpenFlow messages
  |oOpenFlow runtime errors
  |\Experimental OpenFlow extensions
  oAuxiliary classes providing glue towards the underlying operating system
  |orofl-common's logging facility
  |\Use of BSD style sockets in rofl-common including support for OpenSSL
  \Protocol definitions for Ethernet, VLAN, MPLS, IPv4/v6, ICMPv4/v6/ARP, TCP, UDP, SCTP, ...